I sent my Apple Airtag to Paris for a day — and here’s how it went …

Apple Airtag placed on an Apple wireless keyboard.

As an Apple die hard fan, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Apple’s latest device, their most affordable yet :) Ordered on launch day my single Airtag arrived by DHL much earlier than the announced date.

I considered the 4 pack but I already use Tile (or should that be Tiles? ) for various items including my cat and don’t really need other tracking devices. (Not yet anyway)

Here’s my Airtag unboxing — the packaging is tough! (edit: I’ve since had it pointed out to me that there is a green pull tab at the bottom of the box which makes it much easier). Once opened, first impressions were good, it’s a small solid device and setup is ridiculously simple. The device makes various satisfying sounds during setup — and Apple have unsurprisingly documented those here. You use the Find My app to locate the device and its location is shown on a map, just like devices and people.

The alert sound is a little quiet for my liking and for the moment at least the sound can’t be changed. I hope that’s something that will be remedied in the future. Another downside is that currently only emoji’s can be used for the item photo.

Removing the battery is easier than that of a Tile and was a good move on Apple’s part — these could have very easily been disposible. Here’s a quick video of me opening it up :)

So, to send my Airtag away and find out how the lost tracking works(and the tracking in general). Easy … my better half works in Paris so I popped the device into her bag (with her permission of course!).

The journey is about 30 minutes by train. I quickly saw movement on the Find My map, although I was told once that the device was “with me”. The movement seems to lag a couple of minutes behind devices and people but it’s still not bad and totally useful. A battery charge bar is also shown for the device which is impressive and something that the Tile app doesn’t show.

To get updates of the position you don’t need to activate lost mode.

My wife has an iPhone with her at most times and interestingly it doesn’t have the latest software update which I thought might be necessary. I assume the Airtag was pinging off of her phone, but have no way to confirm this.

Apple Airtag shown in Paris on Find My App
Apple Airtag shown in Paris on Find My App

An option is shown to play a sound on the device, but pressing it simply tries to connect via Bluetooth and then says that the item is not reachable and to move around to connect(edit: A recent update seems to have changed this – the button is no longer available when not connected via Bluetooth to the Airtag)

For a better test of the crowdsourcing used by Apple of the “..billions of Apple devices” I will be sending an Airtag by post to the UK and back … so stay tuned for that. Lost mode will be more useful in this case because a notification is sent when the tag is found by a device.

Thanks for reading.

An aspiring iOS developer, musician and father.

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