How much money I’m making from my first iOS app and the mistakes I’ve made so far.

James Tapping
5 min readFeb 23, 2022

My first iOS app went live on the Apple Store in September 2020 just 4 and a half months after opening Xcode for the first time :/

Of course I had learnt a lot (Obviously not an expert, but I had made an app , damn!)

The app was built with UIKit … (I kind of wish I’d started with SwiftUI, but that’s another story).

I’d heard lots of scary stories about the Apple App review, but I have had few issues myself (lucky maybe?) I was approved first time but have had rejections since, but nothing too complicated to fix.

The app (QRFi), image by the Author

Without really knowing it at the time I had entered an extremely saturated part of the app market for QR Code generator apps (Tip: don’t build a QR Code generator app), I even went more niche and created mine for WiFi QRCodes … (is it niche when it isn’t successful ?)

Of course I thought my app was different, and I didn’t do any of things that I would do now in terms of viability and profitability of the app. In some ways my app does do a few things that others don’t, but not enough, and I don’t believe anything could save a QR Code app (although I still have a few ideas for trying)

OK, so to the numbers …

Translated into 6 languages. (Translating apps is a great way to get more eyes on it, I now know that the German market really like QR Codes/ WiFi)

Current version 5.4

6130 units downloads (as of February 2022), an average of 11 downloads a day. The app currently has around 30 downloads a day at the moment.

59 In app purchases @ 0.99 Euros (yes, you read correctly) …. less than 0.1 % adoption rate… this is a one time IAP for removing ads.

So talking of ads, I worked out how to use Google Admob and a month after added quite a discreet banner at the bottom of my app. I promptly got banned for clicking on my own ads :) That was for about a month then I was allowed back on once I promised not to click on my own banners.

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