If you have ever used the iTunes API as a datasource for a collectionView or tableView you’ll know that the the provided images (for movies at least) only come in three different sizes :

100x100 / 60x60 and 30x30

The provided URL’s look like this :


Beginner iOS Dev

Image from https://www.cyclonis.com
Image from https://www.cyclonis.com

Like most of my articles — the above is something I’ve had to do for an app of mine. It took a little research so I thought I’d write about it here and save you the time :)

Apple Airtag placed on an Apple wireless keyboard.
Apple Airtag placed on an Apple wireless keyboard.

As an Apple die hard fan, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Apple’s latest device, their most affordable yet :) Ordered on launch day my single Airtag arrived by DHL much earlier than the announced date.

I considered the 4 pack but I already use Tile (or should that be Tiles? ) for various items including my cat and don’t really need other tracking devices. (Not yet anyway)

This a handy technique for things like todo apps where you potentially need more than one line of text and UILabel just won’t do. You do however lose the placeholder functionality but that’s another story.

So let’s start by creating a new basic iOS project — remove the ViewController and its associated ViewController.swift file. Drag a TableViewController in its place. Don’t forget to set the the new controller as the initial viewController.

I recently put together a project as a reference for myself, a way of noting down difference techniques for building buttons.

The project uses various techniques, classes and extensions to achieve the above result. Obviously I can’t take credit for all of the code so I will credit where I can.

The project has been uploaded to GitHub, see below for link.

So starting from the top left … here we go.

Sound Toggle Button

This is a simple UIButton which uses two different images. All of the code can be found in SoundToggle.swift. …

SwiftyStoreKit really makes it ridiculously easy to put a basic In App Purchase in place. In this example, I will show how to put a non-consumable IAP into a simple app. The Apple example of a non-consumable is a ‘race track in a car game’, it could also be a unlock pro option offering extra features.

In my example the non-consumable will be the ability to change the background colour of the app blue (exiting eh ?) — otherwise only the red option will be available. …

I’m new to IOS development, I have been learning for around 6 months now (so I don’t claim to be an expert). But when I learn something new I love to share and hopefully help other “newbie” devs along the way.

I recently built a fairly simple photo puzzle game in Swift (UIKit) for a course I’m on — the idea, the colour scheme and the general design was provided via mockups. So I knew what I needed to do, the fonts and colours were all there.

The premise was, to be able to split a photo into 16 equal…

XCode running Mopub test application
XCode running Mopub test application

I recently had to set up interstitial ads in Swift - you know the full page ads that show at opening of an app or after you’ve finished doing something.

The MoPub documentation isn’t great and doesn’t have any Swift content — so I set about searching the interwebs , didn’t find a lot except for this piece on MoPub banner ads and a couple of failed attemps on Stackoverflow. Deepak on medium helped a little so thanks very much :)

I am going to assume you know how to add MoPub to your Xcode project — I chose via…


Picture showing Xcode and iphone 11 simulator. Simulator is running an app showing Velib points on a Paris Map
Picture showing Xcode and iphone 11 simulator. Simulator is running an app showing Velib points on a Paris Map

Swift — Real world JSon/API example — building a bike sharing app.

I’m always on the lookout for ideas to help me advance as an iOS developer and I recently came up with the idea of building a bike sharing app, you know the ones where they show(on a map) the number of bikes (electric or otherwise) available at a given bike sharing station for a given city.

Now of course there are already numerous apps in the AppStore that do just that but surprisingly they are not all kept up to date, some don’t show electric bikes for example… so maybe there is room for one more.

My city of choice…

Sharing data between view controllers is part of the bread and butter of being an iOS developer, imagine an app with zero interaction between screens — boring right?

We are going to create a simple app that allows you to enter some text on the first screen and after pressing a button the text is displayed on the second screen.

Grab yourself a coffee, sit back and follow along, and I’ll show you just one way of achieving this using storyboard, segue, and a bit of Swift.

Start by opening a new project in Xcode, choose Single View App for…

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